25 February 2011

Depressing Friday...

Why does the snow have to come? If it didn't come Moriah would be on her way by now and we would be going to the Genevan's Movie Night tonight together. Ugh....

I also had my RA interview today. It is so hard to feel like the interview went ok when you had to tell them your weaknesses. I feel like no one will want to hire me when I tell them I am prideful and a procrastinator. But I answered the questions truthfully and I know that in the end the Lord will put me where he wants me.

I want some coffee and a good cheer-up movie :)

Teenage Dream - Glee - a great cheer up song!



  1. I will go and see you soon....since Mo is going with her to friends i will go sometime soon! :) Lets hope! :)

  2. Snow isn't pretty anymore. It's just annoying :)

    ooh, I like that song :D

  3. I'm so happy to see you updating your blog. Glad Rya was able to make it out there! I bet you guys had alot of fun.
    Nice cheer up song choice :)
    Can't wait to see you...THIS WEEKEND!

  4. you need to update. Just sayin' : )