29 August 2010

Orientation is over!

After 4 days of intense activities, projects, etc. Geneva orientation is done. The closing ceremonies were last night. We all got to dress up for the semi-formal banquet that Geneva held for us although I don't think the guys were as excited as the girls.

I am so happy to be starting school tomorrow but I am also quite nervous. Will I get to all my classes? Do I have the right schedule? But there is really no reason to worry because God is in control. I can handle it.

Tonight I am going to evening service with my group. I am really excited to hear Titus Martin preach. I am so blessed to have so many great churches close to campus.

I was going to try and upload pics of all of us dressed up but they aren't uploading. So check facebook if you really want to see them.

27 August 2010

Goodbye Kokomo and hello Beaver Falls

WOW. This has been quite a week. On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to my bestest of friends. They drove all the way to my house to wish me well. I am really going to miss them. I packed up the car Tuesday night and and said my last goodbyes to my sisters and brother. Then on Wednesday morning at 4:00 am I headed out to Beaver Falls. After a 6 hour drive we finally arrived. We got signed in and everything was carried up into my dorm room by some helpful soccer guys. And then orientation started and it still isn't over.... I am so tired. We have to be up by 7:30 and we hang out til after 12. I am looking forward to when classes start. Right now we have a break before dinner with our RAs. So Geneva has been pretty good so far. I wish we had more time to hang but I am still meeting a lot of cool people. I will post some pics of campus and my lovely dorm room asap. I miss you all back in K-town!

16 August 2010

Goodbye Abby!

Yesterday was the last day I would see my dear Abby Marcisz before I leave. She is leaving tomorrow to visit her sister in Texas. I am really going to miss this girl! We were bawling our eyes out yesterday. Telling Abby goodbye marked the first of many goodbyes I am going to have to endure throughout this next week. I am not sure I am going to handle it very well....I am really going to miss you all.

09 August 2010

Last day of work

Today is my last day at Cracker Barrel. I am so excited not to have to worry about work any more. I have two weeks of freedom before I leave for college! I am kind of sad though because I am really going to miss the great friends I have made there. I love you all!! Here is a picture of my besties at work:

07 August 2010

2 Weeks!

I have been waiting for this for close to 19 years. College is everyones huge dream. You work for it most of your life. High school prepares you for the classes you are going to take. And it is finally here!! I really don't think it has sunk in yet. Maybe it will when my parents leave with tears in their eyes (and in mine). Even though I am really excited I also have a feeling of sadness. My family and best friends are remaining in Indiana. I will probably never live close to them again. I love my girlfriends. They are the best. Most of them are pursuing careers in nursing, some are even taking classes together. I wish that we could all own a house to live in through college. All go to the same college. But obviously that isn't meant to be. I just want all of them to know that they mean the world to me and I wouldn't trade their friendship for anything. So only two weeks away I am excited, thrilled, sad, and frantically packing. I thank the Lord for this opportunity and pray that Geneva would help me grow more in him.