14 May 2011

Summer is here!!

It is hard to believe that school is over. I am officially a Sophomore in college now. Looking back on my entire year I would definitely say I was blessed more than I could have imagined. I have made so many new friendships that I will cherish forever. I have learned so much. Sadly the year had to come to an end and everyone had to leave campus. Everyone but me that is. I am staying here in Beaver Falls to work in the Admissions Office for the summer. I started my first full day on Wednesday. I really like the work I am doing. Mailings, setting up campus visits, answering phones. The atmosphere in the office in the summer is totally different then in the fall. People are extremely chill which is very useful in getting to know them. I am staying across the street from campus. It is so nice to be able to walk to my house for lunch breaks.
  This is my new room :)

19 April 2011

Psalm 33:11 - "But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever..."

On Sunday a friend of mine, Noah Staudenbaur, and his sister, Hillary, and brother, Jeremiah, were in a serious car accident. His little brother wasn't wearing a seat belt and died. Noah and Hillary are physically OK but mentally not doing too well. The whole family are Christians and the know this was the Lord's plan. Please pray for them and the rest of their family as they grieve this loss. Pray that the Lord would give Noah peace. He has had trouble sleeping, just playing the accident over and over in his mind. Pray that the Lord would show him that this was His plan and in no way was Noah's fault. Anyone can donate money to the Staudenbaur family by going here.

14 April 2011


 I made this mosaic this past week with my fellow Clarke hall girls  :)
 This is the other side.
I am definitely going to have to do this again!

11 April 2011

Humans verses Zombies

The epic game of Humans verses Zombies (HvZ) has just taken place on Geneva College's campus. My roommate, Molly, and I decided to join. Unfortunately at 7:45 in the morning on the first day we were turned into Zombie...:(. We were a lot less stressed and able to actually get to our classes unlike some of the humans on campus. Molly and I killed 7 humans combined. We enjoyed spending a week of our afternoons out chasing/stalking humans all over campus.

Humans vs Zombies at Geneva - a clip of the attacks


26 March 2011

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise!

I have been so blessed in the past two months. I can really see the Lord's hand in my life.

First of all I have a place to stay this summer. I am staying with in a house on College Hill right next to my favorite coffee shop...BFCAT! My accountability group leader gave my number to the couple that lives there.

Secondly I got the Resident Assistant job. I am going to be a RA in the apartments. Being an RA in the apartments was so much more then I could have asked for! I am going to be so happy to have my own bathroom and kitchen instead of having to share one with 30 other girls. Molly, my current roommate, and two of my good friends, Ariel and Jenny, are going to be living in the apartment with me.

These are only a couple ways I have been blessed and I could mention so much more. Like the wonderful friends the Lord has given me. The loving family I have. I mean what kind of friends will sit with you in a coffee shop and talk with you for 3 hrs on a Saturday morning? What kind of Dad will call you two nights in a row and get teary eyed over a birthday card you sent him? What kind of Mom will write you just to tell you she needs an "Addie" hug? MINE! I love you all so much. Oh, and mom, here is a hug (()). :)

On a completely different note. Did you all watch the Butler game tonight? THEY WON!! They're off to the Final Four. You should go check out the highlights!

Have a wonderful weekend.

25 February 2011

Depressing Friday...

Why does the snow have to come? If it didn't come Moriah would be on her way by now and we would be going to the Genevan's Movie Night tonight together. Ugh....

I also had my RA interview today. It is so hard to feel like the interview went ok when you had to tell them your weaknesses. I feel like no one will want to hire me when I tell them I am prideful and a procrastinator. But I answered the questions truthfully and I know that in the end the Lord will put me where he wants me.

I want some coffee and a good cheer-up movie :)

Teenage Dream - Glee - a great cheer up song!


19 February 2011

Umm..I lied.

Wow. I didn't even post two Thursdays in a row.

Can you believe this weather? It was so beautiful in Beaver Falls two days in a row. When the weather is that nice I can't stay indoors. We played volleyball in the sand and took walks. I just wanted to close my eyes and soak it all in (I know that sounded cliche but I knew it wasn't going to last long). And sure enough today it got cold again. It is supposed to be even colder tomorrow. These past couple of days were like a tease or maybe a reminder of what we can look forward to when it is actually Spring.

This past week was not only full of nice weather but also good movies. I watched Good Will Hunting for the second time. Definitely one of my favorite movies. I love how the Psychologist shows his love for his wife. I definitely hope someone loves me like that someday. The other movie was Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I knew this was a good movie but no one ever told me what it was about. I was so surprised and yet thrilled. Such a funny movie. I loved the random music and Delmar. "We thought you was a toad.." :). I think my life has been fulfilled after seeing that movie...well not really but you know what I mean.

This has been a crazy weekend not only because we watched the crazy movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou but because of the disaster of google maps. This morning at around 11:00 we left to go shopping. Sylvia, Ariel, Steph, Jenny, and I are all staying at Mim's house to watch their dog while her and her family are visiting their sister in Philadelphia. We decided to go shopping at Marshall's and Ross Park Mall. We made it to both of those places safe and sound. But after shopping we wanted to get a bite to eat. I suggested Cracker Barrel because I could get 20% off and so that is where we decided to go. Ariel put the address into her iPhone and we left. Well the google map's app on her phone took us to the middle of some random houses outside of Pittsburgh. We didn't really know where we were. But we were starving so we kept driving for a half hour until we found a seafood restaurant that looked pretty good. We went in, the waiter seated us, and then we looked at the menus...$20 a plate??? We knew we couldn't afford that so we nonchalantly walked out. I was so embarrassed but I don't think anyone noticed except probably our waiter when he came back to an empty table. We walked down the sidewalk to a random Pizza Joint and made sure the prices were to our liking before we even went in (the menu was taped to the door). Although not as nice as the seafood place, the food and service was splendid. After going way out of our way for Cracker Barrel we ended up eating and enjoying Calzones and Hoagies. It was a very weird evening. But we made it back to Mim's house okay.

We are heading back to Beaver Fall's tomorrow afternoon. I miss my room and my bed. I am tired of being gone or having someone over every weekend. It would be nice just to have one chill weekend. But I am soooo looking forward to having my sister come up and stay with me in a week. Hopefully we can find something fun to do on campus while she is here.

Well I must be going to bed.

- Adrienne